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  • Church’s social activities supporting vulnerable families

    With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir, during October-November 2023, several social-philanthropic actions took place in support of dozens of families in need and prisoners, organized and coordinated by the Synodal Sector of Social Activity and Charity of the Orthodox Church of Moldova, led by Father Macarie Crudu.

    In this regard we mention some of the activities carried out:

    – By the grace of God and with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir, the book “WHY DO CHILDREN SUFFER?” was printed, a work produced with the perseverance of the Centre for Orthodox Mission and Catechesis “St. Sergius of Radonezh” of the Synodal Sector for Social Activity and Charity of the Orthodox Church of Moldova. The book, which is distributed free of charge in parishes and catechetical and social-missionary institutions of the Church, deals with highly topical themes on practical spiritual aspects of overcoming illnesses and existential crises of children and parents in need. The authors write about the link between parental behaviour and the children’s health condition, about their sufferings following parental sins. Indeed, for abortions, for marriages between close blood relatives, for sexual promiscuity, for alcoholism, for smoking, for drug addiction and for other vices of parents often their children pay for them. It’s no secret that fathers or mothers sometimes cause their own offspring stress, psychological trauma, interpersonal and inner conflicts. These lead to serious physical, psychological and spiritual illnesses…;

    – donating toys, clothes, shoes, utensils and other household goods to support several large families in need in rural areas;

    – donating winter clothes and shoes for inmates in several prisons;

    – donating individual packs of school supplies for dozen children, etc.

    Charity must be done with magnanimous disposition and a grateful and covetous heart. For even the farmer, when he throws the seeds into the ground, does not do so with grief, but with joy and gladness. Let us consider that the One who receives our offering is unseen – the Lord of all.

    Synodal Sector Social Work and Charity