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    May 2024
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  • The Sunday of the Holy Cross, celebrated at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Chisinau

    The Third Sunday of Great Lent commemorates the veneration of the Holy Cross, as sign of our Lord Jesus Christ’s victory over death. The Divine Liturgy in the Metropolitan Nativity of the Lord Cathedral in Chisinau was officiated by Bishop Siluan of Orhei, Vicar of the Metropolis of Moldova.

    The Divine Service was celebrated in the open air in front of the Cathedral, in sign of solidarity with the population that comes through hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Today, more than ever, the veneration of the Holy Cross reminds us about bearing our own cross on the ascension to salvation. The day comes to remind us about the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, but also signifies our own ascetic doing of Great Lent, on our own way towards Resurrection.

    The mystery of Resurrection is held within the Cross, as sacrificial love, while the mystery of the Cross shows its glory in the light of the Resurrection. It is on the Cross that our Lord Jesus Christ trampled down death, defeating it through Resurrection. And only the Resurrection of Christ guarantees our own resurrection. The Holy Cross becomes the sign of God’s endless love to mankind. Lord Jesus chose to die on the Cross, with His arms spread in a sign of embracing the humanity, showing His eternal love to us.

    Today, more than ever, the Cross becomes our support and blessing, strengthening and certainty that with Christ we shall persevere and overcome the epidemic that haunts the entire humanity.

    This Sunday also coincided with the commemoration of 40 Martyrs in the lake of Sebastia. These saints give us a good example of bearing our cross and staying with Christ till the end, in order to meet Him in the eternal life.

    Synodal Sector of Institutional Communication and Mass Media Relations