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  • The Monastery of Suruceni celebrates Patron’s Feast

    The Sunday of the Paralytic coincided with the Patron’s Feast celebration in the Monastery of Suruceni.

    Hundreds of pilgrims use to come to Suruceni monastery of Saint Great Martyr George the Victory Bearer, finding here calmness and spiritual assuage. With deep love and warmth all visitors are greeted by Hegumeness of the monastery, Mother Epistemia, who is the heart of this settlement.

    The elder nun uses to say, “I believe that every pilgrim coming to the monastery is guided here by Lord Himself. We are all equal before the Lord in the Highest”.

    Mother Epistimia told our reporter: “We are trying to build a community – first of all, of the dwellers of the monastery, but, what is not less important – communion and mutual support with our parishioners and pilgrims.

    The St. George settlement of nuns is visited by many people, who come here to pray to the Lord and to our Patron. Here believers can also kneel in prayer before the relics of Rev. Antipas, Saint Martyrs Epictet and Astion, asking for the holy intercession before Lord of these saints who shown and glorified the Lord in our blessed land. The monastery is not only a place of refuge, but also an important educational center, where church readers and teachers of religion are trained within the monastery’s Theological Seminary “Queen Mary”.

    We also perform social activities, providing home care to those with special needs, and delivering food to socially vulnerable families”.

    A group of priests celebrated the Divine Liturgy, followed by a Thanks-Giving Te-Deum.

    The holiday culminated in agape prepared by the pilgrims.

    The nuns of the monastery and the seminary students intoned spiritual hymns, which gave a special atmosphere to the feast.