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  • The Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova continues its efforts to protect the interests and rights of children at social risk

    On the 21st of March this year, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova approved in the first hearing the draft law on special protection of children at risk. This draft law intends to identify children at risk, and provide them legal protection, involving the guardianship authority, the social assistant, etc. However, the draft law contains vague notions, such as neglect in clothing, nutrition, neglect in giving affection to the child, etc., that can be interpreted and applied abusively by the social assistant or the evaluation commission. These terms aroused concern among Christians. Article 10 of the draft law, indicating that the child can be separated from the parents in case if neglect is identified, without court decision, for a period between 72 hours and 45 days, caused debates, because basically any family in Moldova can be subject to this stipulation.

    Allerted by the existence of such a draft law, His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir wrote an open letter to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, requesting that the draft law receives no further promotion until a mixed commission is created that will examine the stipulations of the proposed law and improve its contents.

    With the blessing of the Hierarch, on the 4th of April 2013, a group of Christians called the Congress of parents. At the meeting a variety of aspects and issues concerning family life of Christians were discussed, referring to the interaction between the family and the social, educational, and medical environment. Following the discussion of the problems faced by parents, an Appeal was written and submitted to the Parliament and Government of the Republic of Moldova, requesting that promotion of the draft law is stopped. The Appeal was signed by approximately 1000 parents.

    On the 10th of April, ombudsman Tamara Plamadeala submitted a request to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, in order to withdraw the draft law and propose it for repeated public debates, considering that it is premature for the Republic of Moldova to implement such a system.

    On the 11th of April, public debates were held in the Parliamentary Commission for Social Protection, Health and Family, where representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, Metropolis of Moldova, ombudsman Tamara Plamadeala, and representatives of the civil society participated. The Metropolis of Moldova agreed with the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, that a common vision is developed within one week, regarding the positions of the draft law, taking also into account the amendments proposed by other two MPs after the first hearing. The MPs made self-notice following the negative reactions and complaints of parents.

    We mention that His Eminence Vladimir promptly took firm attitude in the very beginning of the discussions regarding the development and implementation a law to protect children at risk, militating for a law adapted to the needs of our country, so that the mistakes of similar laws existing in European countries are not repeated. Thus, His Eminence addressed the mentioned open letter to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, determining a mixed dialogue for the creation of a truly efficient law, secure of any social and moral risks for the children concerned.