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  • The Archpastor consecrated the new church built in the village of Pohrebea, Dubasari district


    Thursday, 24th November, on the Feast of Great Martyr Mina, His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and All Moldova celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the new church of Holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas and his family, built in the village of Pohrebea, Dubasari region.

    The Divine Service started with the consecration of the Holy Table of the church. The Metropolitan was assisted by Archpriest Vadim Cheibas, Metropolitan Secretary, Archpriest Teodor Pelin, Dean of Criuleni and Dubasari church circumscription, and numerous priests.

    Along with the parishioners, the prayers were shared by Igor Dodon, the elected President of the Republic of Moldova, Grigore Policinschi, President of Dubasari region, and Alexei Gafeli, Mayor of Cosnita and Pohrebea community.

    During the Small Entrance, the church rector, Priest Dumitru Darmancev, was awarded by Metropolitan Vladimir the right of wearing the Kamelaukion and Gold Cross, and was promoted into the rank of Archpriest, in sign of appreciation of the efforts and zealous work for the prosperity of the Orthodox Church of Moldova.

    After the Divine Liturgy, a Thanks-Giving service was officiated, and Metropolitan Vladimir congratulated the parishioners of Pohrebea community on this remarkable event, expressing hope that the Church will continue to be a place that reunites people in prayer and mutual support in the most important moments of their lives.

    Not far from the newly built and consecrated church are the ruins of Holy Hierarch Alexey church that existed in this community in the past.

    The Metropolitan and the elected President discussed a project of renovation of this church-memorial built in 1910-1912 at the request and with the support of Tsar Nicholas II Romanov and that was destroyed in the Second World War (1941-1945) and the tragic Dniestrian Conflict in 1992. Currently, after 104 years since it was built, this Holy Shrine is in advanced degradation. This monument of architecture is almost destroyed, and if necessary action is not taken, there is imminent risk of complete ruination.

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