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    May 2024
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  • On the Feast of the Entry of Most Holy Mother of God into the Temple of Jerusalem, His Eminence Vladimir celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Nativity of Christ Cathedral

    Truly grand and solemn was the celebration of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple, when numerous believers rejoined in prayer, along with His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir and the clergy of the Chisinau Cathedral of the Nativity of the Lord, at the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

    The Mother of God is praised with special love by the church-goers of our country, which is proved by the faith and solemn attitude of all those who knelt in prayer before the Most Holy Theotokos, much hope in their souls.

    The Archpastor was the first to thank the Mother of God for her love and care and mediation before the Lord, for the faithful Christians fromMoldova, praying with humility to the Heavenly Queen and our Protector, that the prayers of all those who praise and venerate her are always heard answered.

    From the preaching of the Metropolitan, the believers found that this feast commemorates the day when Virgin Mary was brought to Jerusalem, to the Temple of the Lord, to pray and talk to God and angels, to deify and become live temple of the Holy Spirit, and to prepare to give earthly birth to Lord Jesus Christ, true God and the Savior of the world.

    The Mother of God was born with her rightful parents’ prayer, and lived 12 years in theTemple, in constant fasting and prayer, and in immaculate virginity. She continues to pray incessantly in our churches, along with all saints, for all those who believe in God and love His commandments. The Mother of God kneels before the Holy Trinity and prays together with the angels and the Apostles, for the peace in the world, for the forgiveness of all people’s trespasses and their salvation.

    Also the Mother of God is the one who teaches us to pray with true piety, inspires us to go to church and showing us, how we should live on earth to gain true life in the Heavenly Kingdom.

    So, let us praise the Most Holy Theotokos, and utter with much faith this short prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, for the prayers of Your Most Holy Mother, save all us. Amen!