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    May 2024
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  • Metropolitan of Moldova condemns the school campaign “LGBT children in your school”

    The Metropolis of Chisinau and all Moldova condemns the launching of the campaign “LGBT children in your school”, implemented by GENDERDOC-M information centre.

    During recent years, the Orthodox Church of Moldova has repeatedly warned the society about the negative evolution and increased risk caused by the implementation of LGBT agenda in the society.

    The LGBT agenda propaganda and its development are absolutely unacceptable from both social and Christian view points.

    This campaign is unacceptable in any circumstances. This happens in spite of the fact that Christianity is tolerant to homosexuals, while intolerant to homosexuality.

    This campaign follows a dangerous tendency of elevating homosexuality to the rank of “normality”. However, the Holy Scripture states it straightforwardly: homosexuality is a sin.

    LGBT propaganda in schools is a severe attack on the family institution, moral values, and ethical norms. Globalized encouragement of libertinism among teenagers inevitably causes spiritual self-destruction of the humanity.

    We want to underline that we are not trying to instigate to hatred against certain categories of citizens of our country, we are merely protecting our values and traditions, in order to provide the growing generation with healthy and worthy education, in the light of Orthodox-Christian values that are at the basis of the formation of our nation, and due to which we have survived in time, regardless of countless historical challenges that we were given to pass.

    We are calling our faithful Christians to sign the on-line petition in which we demand the banning of “LGBT children in your school” campaign.

    The Metropolitan Administration Office