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    May 2024
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  • Message of Metropolitan Vladimir following denigrating declarations

    Beloved in Christ brothers and sisters!

    Our unity is again under trial, through recent unrests in our society; again we are facing the danger of devastating separation. To resist all temptations that come more insistently on us, we need to stay united and demonstrate that we are a force capable of opposing to certain decisions and actions that go against morality and our dignity.

    We should not forget that above any personal principles there is a great and noble goal – that of serving the Church, and, through this, the people. If we neglect this common mission, we will involuntarily contribute to the growth and maintaining of social anxiety that we currently face and that may definitively shatter the foundation of values that bases the good order of social life.

    This state of internal strain and instability is convenient to those who do not want peace to reign in the Church and in the country, those who intend to stir chaos, following their own goals and interests. This is why, we consider that the best solution for us in this situation is to stay calm and support each other, so that we further collaborate to achieve a worthy future for theRightFaithfulChurchand its faithful people, as no-one else will ever be able to do it for us.

    Beloved brothers clergymen and faithful lay Christians!

    Over time, the Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova was the target of numerous actions aiming to discredit it, to compromise our institution, because since the very creation of the stateRepublicofMoldova, the Metropolis of Moldova was the guarantee of peace among this country’s citizens, which was and still is not convenient to those who seek other order. We resisted and concentrated our creation forces on noble acts, with your help, with the help of our church-goers, because they are those people who represent the ecclesiastic structure and through whom thus structure exists. The same thing is necessary to be maintained further – we need to stay united and demonstrate that nobody and nothing can stay on the way of our affirmation as God and peace-loving people.

    In fast, in prayer, in patience. Lord will reveal everything over time, and then we will realize the true proportion of danger we had faced, and at the same time we will acknowledge something much more important – the power of the All-Mighty to guide and protect His faithful servants, to strengthen people when they are inspired by the noble goal of maintaining unity.

    We are approaching a great holiday of the Orthodox Church – the Pentecost Sunday that marks the coming down of the Holy Spirit over the Apostles, thus sanctifying the Christian unity. Let us beware of the importance of this event, and, following those who spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us be steady in our faith, firm in our willingness to overcome this social crisis. Only this way shall we become un-invincible, and manage to resist all temptations, overcoming the obstacles we meet on our way.

    With arch-pastoral blessings,

    + Vladimir, Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova