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    May 2024
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  • Message of His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir at the beginning of the Great Lent

    Beloved in Christ brothers and sisters,

    With the Lord’s help we have approached the Great Lent, preparing for the bright Feast of the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Now that there are only several days left before the beginning of this important period of ascetic labour, let us prepare morally and spiritually to embrace the Great Lent with much spiritual usefulness.

    Shall we consider, with much severity, our actions, and become aware, how perilous the sin is, and shall we ask the Lord for help, shall we arm up with strength, in order to return to the blessed road of our salvation. Let us, brothers and sisters, forget the pernicious paths of temptations.

    This week’s Sunday is called in The Holy Orthodox Church the Sunday of Forgiveness, when each of us must find in themselves tears of repentance and ask forgiveness from God and all our brothers and sisters whom we offended – because this is condition of a Fast experienced truly in the name of Christ.

    On this occasion, we appeal, first of all, to the law-makers of our country, urging them to come to the holy shrines and pray along with the faithful people, for Lord’s mercy and forgiveness of sins. Now this is more important than ever, as the anti-Christian offensive has become extremely aggressive on our Moldovan land, and the most sacred values of our national existence and of our future as Orthodox people, are put to danger.

    Let us tremble before the Lord and let us all kneel in humility before the Righteous Judge, praying to the Allmighty Lord for mercy and forgiveness, for the sake of perseverance of our Faith and our Law abiding people.

    At the same time, let us not forget to commemorate in our prayers all those who fell in the war for the defence of our country, as this Sunday of Forgiveness coincides with the day of commemoration of all those who fell in combat during the Dniester escalation. So let us pray for the repose of their souls, hoping that our Lord delivers us from bloodshed and hatred among brothers.

    Beloved in Christ,

    Uniting in prayer and love for Christ, let us live the Great and Holy Lent, abandoning forever the soul-killing sins, so that we can truly be called children of Christ’s Church and come with pure joyfulness to the day, when the Heaven and the earth will proclaim the great news that CHRIST HAS RISEN!, and so that we all rise, in our turn, and live eternal life with Him.

    May God help us and deliver us from all evil, seen or unseen. Amen!

    With archpastoral blessing,