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    July 2024
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  • Message of conciliation addressed by His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir to the politicians of the Republic of Moldova

    To the members of the national political environment

    Beloved in Christ brothers and sisters,


    The Republic of Moldova is experiencing again tension, when intrigues and mean interests risk to compromise our joint efforts of building a strong and prospering society.

    We consider that in these moments the notion of “political fight” should be replaced by that of “collaboration”, in order to demonstrate to everybody that both the ruling parties and the opposition place above all their willingness and ability to dedicate their efforts to the work for the prosperity of the country and the people they represent.

    Political wars should be forgotten, for the sake of the ideals of this nation and the coming generation that needs models of behavior.

    Thus, the Orthodox Church of Moldova reaffirms its conciliating position and willingness to see the society, headed by its leaders, involved in the same plight of creation and endurance.

    Today we simply can no longer afford ourselves, and do not even have the right to be indifferent to problems that undermine our unity from inside and that expose us to very high risks –outcomes of which are hard to imagine, but also may be impossible to repair.

    Apart from this all, we should not forget that we are nearing Great Lent, a period of spiritual rebirth, forgiveness, and conciliation with our neighbor. This is why, let this time be used for creation and attendance, so that from now on all Your acts are guided by All-Good God, avoiding any temptation and deception.

    In our turn, we shall pray for unity and good understanding between brothers, and for the overcoming of any difficulties, towards peace, prosperity, and unity.


    With arch-pastoral blessings,