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    May 2024
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  • His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir: “Go to Church now, for we have no more time left to postpone!”

    Beloved Christians, there is very much rumour and tribulation nowadays in the world, but let us say together with the psalmist: “In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?” (Psalm 11: 1).

    There, with the mercy of the Lord, a part of the restrictions caused by the pandemic were cancelled, and I had an opportunity lately to visit a number of Eucharistic communities in our small country.

    With much love, we prayed together with the right-faithful flock in monasteries and parishes.

    After a long pause, the church-goers came up for a blessing, confession, Communion, participated in sacraments of the Matrimony and Baptismal.

    The live broadcast of the divine services were very useful for the believers during the lock-down. However, now that the restriction have been relieved, we urge you to attend the Church services, as long as the holy shrines are open. We have all seen how it is to have no possibility to visit the church during the lock-down.

    Nothing is stronger in this world than the Church. For, as Noah’s Ark saved from the flood all those aboard it, the Holy Church saves from the mount of sins and danger all those who find shelter in it. On the contrary, all those who do not come to Church drown and perish in life hardships in the same manner as happened to the world beyond the board of Noah’s Ark.

    “Behold, now is the accepted time, behold, now is the day of salvation!” (2 Cor. 6: 2). My dear, the Lord does not abandon His children, but we need to make necessary steps. Come and confess now, commune now with the Holy Blood and Body of the Lord. Go to Church now, for there is no more time left to postpone. Salvation is worked here and now.

    With hope for God’s mercy,