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  • Divine Liturgy in the Metropolitan Cathedral on the 7th Sunday after the Pentecost

    Sunday, 23rd July: with the blessing of His Eminence Vladimir, Metropolitan of Chisinau and all Moldova, Vicar Bishop Siluan of Orhei officiated the Divine Liturgy in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Chisinau.

    The arch-pastor was assisted at the service by an assembly of cathedral clergy, who prayed in the presence of numerous church-goers.

    The Gospel Reading approved by the Church for this Sunday speaks about the healing of two blind men and one numb man in Capernaum (Matthew 9: 27-35).

    The Saviour knew the hearts of those who stood beside Him and asked to see, to have the light of their eyes restored to them, but nevertheless He asked them: Do you believe that I can do this? (Matthew 9:28). He wanted to ascertain their faith, and after their reply, the Saviour said: According to your faith be it unto you. (Matthew 9:29). We find the same answer, and according to our faith we receive God’s answer to our requests. We often make requests about ourselves, about those close to us, about things we consider to be of use to us. God’s response to our requests is like the one given to the blind in Capernaum: According to your faith, be it unto you! (Matthew 9:29).

    In his teaching, delivered after the Gospel Reading, the Hierarch of Orhei highlighted the spiritual meanings that emerge from it. “When man approaches God with sincere faith, he can receive help and healing. The Savior always responds to requests for help, to those who seek Him and ask Him for support. We too should pray to the Lord and our God to heal us of our weaknesses, to protect us from demons who like roaring lions seek to take hold of people and separate us from God,” His Grace said.

    “It would be hard to live on earth if there were not Someone to help us get through life… For above us is God Almighty Himself, Love Himself. Trust in God’s will and He will not shame you. Trust not in words, but in deeds. This is why life has also become difficult, because people have confused it by their judgments, because, instead of calling on God for help, they have begun to use and trust only their own reason… Fear neither tribulation, nor sickness, nor suffering, nor any kind of temptation – all these are God’s searchings for your benefit…” says St. Anatolius of Optina.

    We have little faith and most of the time it is theoretical. And yet, with the little we have, we can achieve everything. Just as a single spiritual word is enough, and if we put it into practice, we can be saved.  To go from a “theoretical” to a “working” faith requires love and trust. As I put into action what I know is right to believe, I acquire more love for God and trust in Him.