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  • Bishop Filaret celebrated the Divine Liturgy on the Sunday of the Blind Man at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Chisinau

    With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir, His Eminence Bishop Filaret officiated the Holy and Divine Liturgy on the Sunday of the Blind Man, the 6th Sunday after the Resurrection, at the Nativity of the Lord Cathedral Cathedral in Chisinau.
    Here we are on the feast of the 6th Sunday after Easter. We continue, after so many weeks, to celebrate the great feast of the Resurrection. We celebrate it every Sunday, but this period of 40 days after Easter is special for us.
    You have heard, in today’s Gospel, what unbelief on the part of those who were present, what unbelief on the part of those who were listening! How much inquiry those who did not believe in God made, those who had a teaching from God, but not love for people. They had no love of God and no love of people.

    The courage of confession is not inherited from parents, but is the gift of the Holy Spirit in man. Notice how much denial when it comes to God! Do we not also today, from time to time or often, deny ourselves and lack this power to confess the wonders of God?

    As soon as the man who had been healed heard how great the Healer was, far greater than the prophet, he immediately cried out with joy, “I believe, Lord!” He cried out not only with his lips, but worshipped Him, as a greater testimony to his faith. (St. John Chrysostom says, “By this he testified to His divine power; and that it was not to be thought that it was only mere words, it was also deeds.”) As his bodily eyes had been opened before, so now his spiritual eyes were opened. And he looked with both his bodily and his spiritual eyes, and saw before him the Man-God, God in human flesh.

    Source: Căpriana Monastery