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  • Archpastoral service in the Holy Ascension Monastery of Japca


    15th January 2016

    His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir celebrated the Divine Liturgy in one of the oldest monastic settlements between the Prut and Dniester rivers – The Holy Ascension Monastery of Japca.

    Thus, the Archpastor was greeted by Nun Superior Parascheva (Gusan) and by numerous pious pilgrims, thirsty of the Truth of the Gospel.

    During the service the Metropolitan was assisted by the Metropolis’ secretary, Mitred Archpriest Vadim Cheibas, the Monk Superior of Curchi Monastery and Chairman of the Metropolitan Department of Monasteries and Monastic life, Archimandrite Siluan (Salaru), and the Japca Monastery’s clergy.

    The feast started with the Vespers service in the evening before the feast day of Saint Seraphim of Sarov. In the very morning of the other day, the Acathist of St. Seraphim of Sarov was sang, followed by the Divine Liturgy. During the service the Holy Monastery was filled with pilgrims and monastic settlers, who gathered to pray along with the Archpastor and the clergy.

    The feeling brought about by the prayers of the Divine Service was as if all those praying were taken back to the past, experiencing the same spiritual ascension and piety as of all their predecessors who had prayed in this holy settlement since its very foundation, their faces illuminated by the ever-lighting candle of the faith and hope of salvation.

    During the Small Entrance, the Metropolitan rewarded Nun Superior Parascheva with the right of wearing the Gold Cross, and read out for her the prayer of investment to the rank of Nun Superior of Japca Monastery.

    Also during the Liturgy deacon Rodion Rascu was ordained into priesthood and appointed to perform divine services in the parish of Zgurita, Drochia. His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir wished the young priest to be worthy servant of the Holy Altar, devoted to the cause of salvation and spiritual guidance of the faithful flock.

    The Divine Liturgy ended with a Te-Deum thanks-giving service, after which the Metropolitan delivered archpastoral message to the community and pilgrims, remembering his first visit to this holy settlement as a child brought by his mother many, many years ago.

    His Eminence mentioned that the Japca Monastery managed to resist all pressures of soviet persecutions, never closing its doors during the heavy years of atheist yoke, and thus, becoming a bastion of faith. The Metropolitan underlined that this worthy tradition is piously maintained by current nuns, headed by their nun superior, who are very keen to preserve the good name of their monastic settlement and are ready to accept and sooth spiritual pain of all those in suffer.