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  • Arch-pastoral service on the Feast of the Holy Trinity

    On the Feast of the Holy Trinity, His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir, assisted by a big group of priest, celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Nativity of the Lord Cathedra.

    This holiday brought special spiritual joy to young Vadim Zlotea, subdeacon of His Eminence Vladimir, graduate ofChisinauTheologicalAcademy, who was ordained deacon. On this blessed occasion, the Metropolitan wished the young deacon be a worthy servant of the ancestral Church, and remember during all his earthly life the acts of the holy apostles and all those who lived in the service to the Lord, being a good example for the faithful flock, thirsty of the word of Truth.

    During the same service, deacon Samuili Bacarji was dignified with priesthood ordainment, and congratulated by the Metropolitan, who wished him to be worthy of this high mission, incessantly working for the enlightenment and salvation of the faithful people.

    The just ordained clergymen thanked the Metropolitan for congratulations and parental advice, vowing faith to Christ and obedience to the Church.

    After the Divine Liturgy, the Vespers service was celebrated, when the kneeling prayers were read, and the clergymen, along with the parishioners present at the prayer, thanked the All-Good God for His abundant goodness, praying for further mercy and kindness of the Almighty and His guidance in all good acts.

    Following the Divine Service, His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir greeted Mr. Koce Trajanovski, mayor ofSkopje, capital ofMacedonia, who came to pray in the Nativity of the Lord Cathedral while in a work mission in Chisinau.

    Vladyko Vladimir appreciated this Christian-like act of the high guest, and said that the visits of Christians from abroad always bring outstanding joy and are very good proof of brotherly communion and love.

    Mr. Trajanovski thanked His Eminence Vladimir for warm greetings and said that his visit to Chisinau convinced him again of consistent spiritual relation and friendship between the two nations.