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    May 2024
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  • Daniela Paladi needs our help

    Beloved in Christ!

    We are nearing the beautiful holidays related to the Nativity of Christ. In this period of spiritual ascension, the Gospel calls us to more intense spiritual doing, inner blossoming, and materialization of our spirituality through acts of charity.

    Daniela Paladi, an 18-year-old young lady, needs our support. She cannot walk and is bed-ridden.

    She was a very active and mobile child, although born with some health issues. Daniela attended school along with other schoolchildren, but when she was about the 4th form, she had a very bad accident, falling from height. This was a radical change in her life, as she started losing her mobility. Very soon she had to stay home, having no possibility to attend school. Since she was about 10, she received home schooling. She finished 9 forms of school, and then she was not accepted to high school, as nobody wanted to deal with a wheel-chair girl. Nor was there any infrastructure to allow schooling of such a person.

    Her family had to move from the native village, because there was no possibility to ensure health recovery and education to the girl. Now Daniela lives with her mother, brother and sister, along with the sister’s son, in one room that they rent in a hostel in Chisinau.

    She has her own bed, while other four member of the family share a sofa at night. During day time Daniela stays home with her mother Zinaida and her nephew Maxim.

    Her brother Adrian and sister Natalia work from early morning till late night, to support the family. When Daniela needs to visit a doctor, either Adrian or Natalia have to miss work, because their mother alone cannot move around with Daniela’s wheelchair.

    They have to take a taxi every time, which they can hardly afford.

    Daniela has had numerous surgeries so far, but she needs further recovery, which is very costly.

    The family has already accumulated considerable debts for the treatment, but they also need further costs to cover.

    We are appealing to all people of goodwill, to help this young lady walk on her own legs. The doctors say there is hope, but much intensive work and recovery is required.

    The bank details are shown below.

    If any specification of the information is required, please, don’t hesitate to contact Fr. Constantin Cojocaru, Social Assistance and Charity Synodal Sector of the Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova. Father Constantin is fluent in English, Russian, and Romanian.

    Email: [email protected]

    Synodal Sector for Social Assistance and Charity