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  • The 18th Sunday after the Pentecost in the Nativity of the Lord Metropolitan Cathedral in Chisinau


    On the 18th Sunday after the Pentecost, His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Nativity of the Lord.

    The metropolitan was assisted by H.G. Ioan, Bishop of Soroca, Metropolitan Vicar, and Archpr. Vadim Cheibas, metropolitan secretary and rector of the Cathedral, as well as cathedral clergy. Archpr. Ioan Gherbovetchi, Dean of Portuguese parishes of Corsun Diocese, also concelebrated at the Divine Liturgy.

    This Sunday’s Gospel (Luke 7, 11-16) relates about the resurrection of the only son of the widow of Nain. This event inspires hope and confidence that Christ is the One who wipes away the tears of sorrow of all those who come with hope and faith to Him.

    We believe in the resurrection of the dead, because God is the Lord of the living ones, not of the dead (Mc. 12, 27). The resurrection of this young man, along with that of Lazarus, or other unusual events called “supernatural” by people, because they do not understand them, were the prefiguration of the universal resurrection before the Holy Judgment.

    The entire Gospel witnesses about the resurrection, inspiring hope and confidence of the life eternal. It shows that the bodily death is not the end, but rather, the beginning of the true, eternal life, just like the birth of a baby is not the end of his life in the mother’s womb, but only a preparation for true earthly life. And just like the period of healthy and safe pregnancy is important for the future health of the born baby, the way a person lives on earth determines his future life in Heavens.

    After the Liturgy, the synaxis of priests officiated Te-Deum Thanksgiving service, and the church-goers received the arch-pastoral blessing, leaving for their homes with the spiritual food they had received at the Service.

    Synodal Sector of Institutional Communication and Relations with the Mass-Media