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  • Divine Liturgy at the Nativity of Christ Cathedral

    The Metropolitan Cathedral of Chisinau welcomed again its parishioners to the Divine Liturgy, celebrated by the Hierarch of the Orthodox Church of Moldova, His Eminence Vladimir.

    This was a very special Liturgy for deacon Dionisie Rotari, who was dignified with the priesthood ordainment, appointed for the parish of Javreni village, Criuleni raion.

    Father Dionisie was congratulated by His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir and con-celebrating brothers, who wished him that this immensely important change in his spiritual life becomes a reason for the young priest to dedicate all efforts to the mission of enlightenment of the faithful community and full devotion to theChurchofChrist.

    Father Dionisie thanked the Metropolitan for parental guidance and precious advice, and also expressed his gratitude to the con-celebrating brothers, for their support and prayers, mentioning that with the help of the Lord, he would do his best to become a worthy servant of the Holy Altar, for the good of the Orthodox Church of Moldova and the Christians that were entrusted to his spiritual guidance.

    The Divine Service culminated with a Thanks-giving Te-Deum, where all persons present prayfully thanked the Lord for His Heavenly blessing and care.