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  • Declaration of the Metropolis of Moldova, on the adoption of the Law ensuring equality

    We consider that the adoption by the Parliament of the Law ensuring equality is a defying action going against Christian moral norms. Repeated appeals of the Metropolis of Moldova, made by both clergymen and lay believers to the authorities of the country, so as to exclude the notion of “sexual orientation” from the draft law, were ignored. The requests of the Metropolis, addressed to competent state authorities, as to create mixed commissions for the analysis and improvement of the draft law, were not considered. On the contrary, repeated actions were unilaterally organized by groups and organizations influenced from within and outside the country, that are not satisfied with the principles by which the Moldovan society lives and develops.

    An eloquent example of the politicians’ unfair play is changing the name of the law, pretending that it means the exclusion of formulations and passages that were meant to provide legal basis to homosexual practices and bring them to the level of normal behavior. As it proved in the end, it was nothing but a trick meant to ensure that the law is voted with no impediment from the citizens who are not contented with this draft law.

    The Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova qualifies today’s vote of the MPs who previously categorically affirmed that they would not promote such a law – a true danger for our society’s moral and spiritual integrity.

    Adoption of the Law ensuring equality draws severe mass disorders, and the responsibility for such actions entirely lies on those who legalized this betrayal of our nation’s fundamental values.

    In this context, the Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova declares that it is against any stipulations referring to the rights of sexual minorities, qualifying them as attack against the people’s Christian identity, and militates for the amendment of this law, with the exclusion of the notion of “sexual orientation” and other points referring to sexual minorities.

    We underline that we are not attempting to instigate to hate against certain categories of our country’s citizens, but we only are defending the values and traditions, in order to offer the young generation healthy and worthy education, in the spirit of Orthodox Christian values that have based the genesis of our people, and through which we survived over time, regardless of numerous misfortunes of our nation’s history.

    + Vladimir, Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova