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  • Congratulation message of His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir, on the Teacher’s Day

    Honourable teachers

    Please allow us to express our sincere congratulations to all professionals working in the area of education, along with the highest appreciation of your qualified effort full of self-denial, made for the improvement of the level of education of the coming generation.

    It is very hard to appreciate in just a couple of words the significance of a teacher in the modern society, but our recognition should be high if we talk about the role and the destination of this professional category. Today our considerations are expressed to those who model personalities and those who understand and have understood that the teaching activity is elevated to the rank of art of teaching others about what is good. You are also the ones who promote Christian values during your classes, and we are deeply thankful to you for this.

    We wish you much health and prosperity, optimism and new fruitful achievements, and we wish you work is fully compensated by social recognition, that you continuously find satisfaction in your noble devotion to the building of competences of the new generation, willing to answer to the realities of the time.

    We wish that the seeds of humanity, the nobility that is granted to you by God and that you plant restlessly every day, in good times and in difficulty, find fertile soil and flourish over years in competent people, bright thoughts and beautiful achievements! The recognition and the respect of the younger generation whose eyes you have illuminated, shall not delay to come, and the society shall give you due appreciation and respect that you fully deserve.

    The Orthodox Church of Moldova is supporting you in all your work. On the professional Teacher’s Day, we wish you health and strength, and as many professional achievements as possible. Long live to all of you, who devote yourselves to offering light to the future of our nation.

    May God bless you in this very special work!